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Hi Sarah, I was thinking of you a lot these past few months, as the boys started university this fall... and are both taking maths. Thought you might like to know that they both got accepted to the schools and programs of their choice--S is at UTM, in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. He's doing very well in all subjects (all math), loving it all, and is going to do a double specialist in Comp Sci. A is at York, also in Comp Sci, with a specialist in Computer Security. He's doing well in his maths and also loves it. Your help was really appreciated---and I thought you'd like to know that you helped them to get where they wanted to be.

-- AS

Thank you for the email, Johnny. You had a huge impact on Jonathan's academic year and he also achieved his first choice of universities, so we are very pleased. Thank you for your patience and assistance over the past several months.

-- Pleased Parent

Hello Sarah, I wanted to say thank you for the tutoring session for my son T. He met with Ricky yesterday and he came out of it feeling very positive about Physics. I will be scheduling another session with Ricky. Thanks again.

-- CG

Hello Sarah, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your concern and patience. I had a little chat with R yesterday and he has agreed to do the extra practice sheets at home. I hope this will prove to be useful for him. Lets give it a try. I really appreciate your personal input and can't thank you enough.

-- UCC Mom

I needed help to pass my math placement test for College and she helped me a lot, plus good advice and book recommendation. I passed my test without any problem! I can go to College now feeling very confident! Thank you so much!

-- A Facebook Review

Just thought I'd let you know, Ryan told me that he "owned" math class the day after his last tutor session. He is very happy with the help that Claire is giving him. Please tell her thanks for us.

-- Happy Parent

My 11yr old just came out of his 1st lesson buzzing ! He can't wait for next week. He is feels confident, happy and that asking for help is ok !

-- A Facebook Review

Mostly Math is an exceptional place for student tutoring. My 15 year old son has been attending Mostly Math for just over a year. The owner (Sarah) is a very caring and wonderful person. All of her tutors have a very understanding style, calm approach and experienced manner!! After a tutor session just today, my son said to me in the car on the ride home, "that's the best tutor that I have ever had in my life", which speaks volumes!! My son's math grades have greatly improved over the past year and he actually enjoys and looks forward to his tutor sessions at Mostly Math!!

-- A Yelp Review

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I got an A- overall on my stats class. I was very happy with this outcome. Wouldn't have done it without you guys. Please extend a huge thanks to Binny for me...he was awesome! I have another stats class in my program, but I'm going to take a break from stats for a couple semesters :). I'll likely reach out to you again when the time is right.

-- Chris S. (Ryerson University, year 1 statistics)

Sarah is the absolute BEST tutor you could ask for! For anyone who has ever perceived math to be a daunting endeavour, including myself, she is incredibly gifted in her ability to make math understandable, and to help her students feel confident with it! Sarah has exceptional skills in understanding where your math level is when you start, and how to improve it very quickly. During my time at Mostly Math, I will never forget the kindness and patience Sarah consistently showed me when she taught me calculus. She would explain and re-explain material as much as needed, and her one-on-one sessions created a positive learning atmosphere where there was no fear in asking tons of questions. Upon exam time, she always did her absolute best to provide as much additional support as required. As a past student I also had the opportunity to work with other members of the Mostly Math team; they are all fantastic and truly the most dedicated and supportive tutors I have ever met! I highly recommend Sarah and the Mostly Math team; not to mention, my mother thinks she is the greatest! I would never have made it through calculus or achieved the marks that I did without her! She will always be the first person I call if I ever need help with math!

-- A Google Reviewer

I've been going to Mostly Math for the better part of 6 years now. Their tutors have provided me with learning assistance and homework help in subjects such as chem, bio, physics, and english, but mostly math. The tutors are all friendly, understanding and excited to help you succeed. I recommend them to anyone having trouble keeping up with homework, is worried about an upcoming test, or who just learns better in a 1 on 1 environment.

-- A Google Review

I just wanted to let you know that Daniel did better than expected on his Math exam and gives credit to the tutoring he received at your place for his improvement.

-- Impressed Parent

Mostly Math has helped me get through University as a mature student. The tutors are easy to understand and very knowledgeable. I would have never made it through school without Sarah and her team!

-- A Yelp Review

I wanted to let you know that I received back that assignment you helped look over and I received an 80% which I was really pleased with because only a few A's were given out. So thanks for your suggestions on it.

-- Grateful Student

The incredibly knowledgeable, competent and caring tutors provide 1:1 remediation and enrichment. They have motivated and challenged my son and helped to enhance his academic performance. I am grateful for their excellent tutoring services.

-- A Yelp Review

I'm just writing to tell you that I wrote my English exam today and got 96%. I'm going to look at it tomorrow but my teacher said that I knew my stuff really well and everything was explained in great detail. Just thanking you for all your help.

-- Empowered Student

I know she has only been going to see you for 2 sessions but you have made her feel at ease with math. I am totally amazed with the attitude change.

-- A Happy Parent

I never thought that I would actually love doing calculus. . . but that is indeed what happened!

-- Surprised Student

Sarah has helped me with math courses since my first year in university. I'm confident to say that without her help, my grades would not have been good. I would recommend Mostly Math to students that are struggling or looking to better themselves on the subject.

-- A Google Reviewer

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for you help.... I can't tell you how much you helped me out!!

-- Grateful Student

Having struggled with math throughout my entire academic career, I definitely needed help when I decided to take the GMAT. To this day I am amazed at the superb score I got, and there is no way I could have achieved it without Sarah's help. She managed to explain things to me in ways that actually helped me retain the information; and customized our sessions based on what I needed. She's absolutely lovely, and a great tutor as well. I would highly recommend Mostly Math to anyone.

-- A Google Reviewer

Thank-you so much for providing me in depth information on all the options that are available for me.

-- High School student looking into University programs

I took my daughter to Mostly Math last year for some help with her grade 10 Academic Math homework. She had been struggling and found it difficult to understand the process while attending her regular on-line math class and found the extra help from the system didn't address her issues adequately either. After only two sessions with her tutor at Mostly Math, she was greatly relieved to discover that it was all within her reach. Her tutor was patient, fun and very capable of explaining the concepts in a way that made sense to my daughter. She studied with the same tutor for the entire academic year and pulled her grades up as well as her confidence. The environment of the centre is warm and welcoming and it feels productive. I would highly recommend this centre for anyone struggling with the concepts of math and self-esteem around that. 10 out of 10 !!

-- A Google Reviewer

Thank you SO MUCH Sarah, for such a wonderful long and detailed response! I'm printing it off to study at greater leisure so that I can take it point by point. 

-- Inquiring Parent

Just wanted to let you know that he thinks highly of you. The other day I asked him how he was getting along, he said you were better than his professor!

-- A Happy Parent

Thanks for the prompt reply....I'm not very familiar with "tutoring" so the info you provided was great!

-- Inquiring Parent

I'm not supposed to tell you because she keeps promising to email you but she passed her IB math exam with flying colours ! Remember how she was at 42% in April and ready to give up? She did so well on her IB exam they bumped her OUAC mark from 60% (which was only given to her as a pity mark because the whole class was complaining) to 70%. BOTH YOU AND DEBBY DID A FANTASTIC JOB GETTING HER FROM 42% to 70% IN JUST A FEW WEEKS! Thank you so much for caring and motivating M those last few weeks so that she didn't give up. Mother's can't always do it all and I'm so grateful you were there for me too ! Take care Sarah and THANK YOU !

-- An I.B. Parent

This is just a note to tell you how wonderful your e-mail was! I instantly felt better about my choice of home-schooling my son when I read it. Thank you.

-- Homeschooling Parent

Hi, Johnny just wanna say thank you for your help with the maths questions. I did pass the test with a 87% mark, and I did get into the Firefighter program...It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you once again.

-- Future Fireman

Sarah and Mostly-Math were extremely helpful with my University Discrete Mathematics course. I struggled greatly with the assigned text and my course tutor offered no useful assistance in comprehending the material. Sarah was not only able to break down the material and frame it differently for my comprehension but also recommended supplemental texts which were more valuable than those assigned by my university. Additionally, Sarah went above and beyond to help with assigned problems which required her own personal time to solve and provide me with the answer. I highly recommend Sarah and her Mostly Math colleagues. Thanks again Sarah.

-- N.E.

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