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We offer one on one tutoring tailored to the unique learning styles of each student, both online and in person.  We tutor all levels of Math and Science, specializing in Elementary School (Grades 2-8), High School (Grades 9-12), and University/College courses. We also offer English tutoring for all levels.

30 minute sessions now available!

Online and in-centre tutoring available.

Our tutors are also equipped to deal with many Specialty Situations including Homework Help, Enrichment, IB and AP courses, Standardized Test Prep, Math Contests, and School Exams. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we will be offering all of our tutoring services online, seven days a week.

Math Tutor Toronto

In-centre math and science tutoring are available for those whose learning styles require it. In-centre tutoring must be booked through our Toronto office, they cannot be scheduled through the online system.

We are also offering, free of charge, phone consultations with our Director, Sarah Bartram.

As always both ongoing and short term math help is available. No contracts, no commitments and no advance payments required.

Thirty minute sessions are now available. These are geared
towards quadmestered students, but available for everyone. If
you have questions that just cannot wait for your next math session.

You can add mini sessions in between! 

Online math tutor

Feel free to call , e-mail , or schedule online with the math, science or English tutor of your choice.

Benefits of Hiring a Math Tutor

More than helping your child to catch up with math, a math tutor can teach your child systematic approaches that are applicable to not only math but also to time management and organization skills. A tutor can also boost your child’s self-confidence. All these aptitudes are essential for success in high school, college, and life. Among many benefits of high school math tutoring are:

  • Tailor-made study program. Private high school math tutoring lessons can be adjusted to your child’s specific needs. By customizing their education, students can develop self-awareness valuable for high school, college, and later in life. 
  • Development and improvement of study habits. When dealing with complex academic subjects such as math, students can feel frustrated about not getting positive results after long hours of studying. That is why it is necessary the help of a tutor that can aid the student in developing adequate study skills like new learning methods and memorization tips to obtain better results.
  • Increase self-motivation and responsibility. When a student is being tutored, it creates a sense of responsibility for their learning progress. The student can’t fade into the background with the rest of the course in a one-on-one class. Therefore, the student has to be more active by asking questions and participating. 
  • Effective homework completion. If your child struggles in math class at school, they will also be battling with their homework. Spending many frustrating hours doing math assignments can discourage students and neglect other study subjects or extracurricular activities. A math tutor can help your child better understand the homework and teach them different approaches to resolving the problems. When the student has a solid understanding of math, it gives them a stronger foundation for future challenges.


  • Positive support and encouragement. When your child finds math incomprehensible, it can negatively impact their self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, they may feel peer pressure in school and give up on the subject. A tutor passionate about math will teach the student in an environment with positivity and encouragement, not shame and negativity.
  • Scoring higher in tests. Math tests can be stressful for many students; however, the stress increases in high school as those tests can greatly influence their college future. The poor math test performance relies mainly on the lack of a clear understanding of math principles. With private math tutoring, your child can dive deep into mathematical concepts, which will help them to achieve higher test scores.
  • Better prepare for college. If a student is underperforming in math at high school level, it is very likely that they will struggle with math in college. Having a tutor helps them to create a solid math base that can help them in the future in more complicated college math subjects like calculus or linear algebra. 
  • Boost confidence. Students having difficulty in math are expected to experience self-doubt and lack confidence. Thus, math tutoring can significantly help these students to regain self-confidence and self-esteem. Both essential qualities that allow teens to make better personal decisions reduce anxiety and stress. A confident student has the tools to succeed in high school, college, and future careers. 
  • Improved parent-child relationships. Frustration is a common side effect when it comes to difficulties with math. This can end up in countless arguments among parents and students. As a parent, even if you have the best intention to help your kid, you may end up harming your bond with your child due to the stress of the situation. Hence, private lessons can significantly help your child’s math performance and remove any source of stress in your parent-child relationship. 

is where to find a professional math tutor for

Grades 2 through 12 Math and Science including Data Management, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors.

We also have English Tutoring

High school and university Physics, Biology, and Chemistry (yes, even Organic)


University and College Math including, but not limited to: Pre-Calculus,Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Business Math

University English and Essay Writing
(regardless of course material)  

Our Toronto Math tutors help with any specialized math course. We help your child raise their level of confidence and meet their grade level in school.

Help with preparing to write
standardized tests (both math and reading/writing) for SSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, PCAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GED, and many professional/job-related tests 

Tutors who can help with enriched programs including IB and AP courses

Tutors for homeschooling, correspondence, virtual school, and The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) courses

Certified Math Tutor who is familiar with both
private and public schools in Toronto and surrounding areas.  

How To Find High School Math Tutors For Better Grades

Home learning has been a struggle for students and parents alike. The education gap created by distance learning is concerning. Without the in-school support systems and access to teachers’ assistance, high school students can experience much frustration, especially if they are preparing for tests to get into college or university.

High schoolers’ sense of uncertainty is growing at their most important part of academic learning. They feel the pressure to perform better at school and score high on SATs or ACTs.

Therefore a great way to help your high schooler is getting the help of a math tutor to help your child navigate the academic world with ease.

how to find a math tutor

Find Your Math Tutor

Mathematics is one of the most feared subjects for many students. But for achieving a complete education, math plays a vital role in the student’s future. Thus, you should consider math tutoring if you or your child struggle with this subject. 

Math tutors not only develop the students’ skills to excel in math but also provide them with guidance for their present and future academic lives. Furthermore, to find the right math tutor, you should consider:

  • Checking the tutors’ experience and references.
  • Flexibility of the tutoring schedule. 
  • Know the cost (upfront payments, packages, etc.)
  • Find out if the tutoring service adapts to your needs.
  • Have a tangible set of goals for the tutoring 
  • Compare various tutoring services
  • Thinking about safety 

Additional aspects when searching for a tutor are also their personality, patience, positive attitude, level of engagement and if they care about the student’s success. 

Expert Math Tutor Services in Toronto

Set Your Own Math Lessons

To get the most out of your math tutoring class, you should:

  • Do your homework before the math tutoring class. Using the tutoring time to do homework is not cost-effective.
  • Define the problem areas you need help with and communicate them to the tutor. 
  • Be honest with your tutor if you don’t understand a subject and more time is needed.
  • Bring your academic materials such as textbooks, notes and exams to your math tutor. This way, your tutor can know your teacher’s expectations and methodology and prepare you accordingly.
  • Allocate enough time for practicing between math tutoring lessons.
  • Before each session, take the time to briefly discuss with the tutor your goals for that class.


Tutoring can provide struggling students personalized attention that they will not get in the classroom. The development of math skills is crucial for the student’s everyday life regardless if they end up pursuing a career that requires advance mathematic or not. Giving them the right tools will increase their success possibilities.

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How To Choose a Math Tutor

Even though parents are the first and best teachers for their kids, it can put tension in their relationship if you try to tutor your kid in math.

There are many reasons that parent-child tutoring may not work. You and your kid’s personalities clashes when dealing with academic subjects, or they respond better to non-parent tutoring. Consequently, one-to-one math tutoring may be the best option for you and your kid. 

The question now is how to find the best math tutor. It is good to address the following questions to choose better:

  • Is it better for my child to do online tutoring or in person?
  • What is my budget?
  • The frequency of private sessions needed.
  • Before committing to math tutoring, are there free or low-cost introductory lessons to try?

After you have answered these questions, it is time to start your search. Here are some ideas about options for finding a certified math tutor.

    • Word of mouth. It may look obvious, but it is a great place to start. Asking among your friends or neighbors with children going through the same circumstances can give you a better idea. Ask about the math tutor experience, availability, pricing, and tutoring style. It will provide you with an idea if it is a good match for you and your child.
    • Ask in Your Library or Check Community Center Bulletin Boards. Even if these places don’t offer math tutoring, there are key spots for tutors to advertise.
    • Ask Your Child’s Teacher or School Counselor. Although your kid’s teacher may not offer one-on-one, they may know someone who does or is aware of other students being tutored. Even if you are homeschooling, you can still reach out to your local school to get info. 
    • Online research. You can do a throughout search for math tutoring services near you online. 

At Mostly Math, we offer phone consultations free of charge with our Director, Sarah Bartram. Let us clarify all your questions. We don’t require payments in advance or contracts. Call us now!

Mathematics Tutor in Toronto

When looking for a math tutor in Toronto, you may encounter many options to choose from, which can make the task of finding the right one for you challenging. However, you can make your search more straightforward if you focus on critical aspects to see if the tutor:

  • Helps to identify and fill the gaps in the student’s math foundations.
  • Is aware of the learning pace of the student and adapts to it.
  • Recommends the optimal schedule so that the student does not fall behind.
  • Gradually increase the level of challenge to incentivize problem-solving abilities.
  • Makes the math learning experience enjoyable.
  • Assigns practice tests, homework and quizzes between classes 
  • Additionally to math teaches the students effective study skills.
  • Improves studying habits and confidence in the student.

Furthermore, after years of tutoring, teaching, and counselling experience, we at Mostly Math in Toronto found that in most cases, an hour of class with an experienced tutor can:

  • Reduce the stress from performing academically.
  • Be up to date with the academic math weekly program.
  • Incentivize confidence in students about mathematics 
  • Develops trust in the students about their skills.
Mathematics Tutor in Toronto