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Discover Mostly Math. Your go-to hub for tutoring excellence in North York!

Quick Facts:

You are probably calling a lot of tutoring places, viewing a lot of websites and trying to determine which place is best for you or your child. What most people really want to know is; “Why should I choose you?” We think we’ve got a pretty good answer to that question because we’re a little different from most places.

All-in-one Resource Centre

Mostly Math is an all-in-one resource centre for parents and students. You’ll find one-on-one tutoring (remedial or enrichment) for grades 7 through 12, university students, mature students, students in special circumstances, alternative learning options as well as test preparation for standardized and other tests… all in one convenient North York location.

At Mostly Math, you can take advantage of educational opportunities that suit your individual needs and schedule. We help with school studies in mathematics, sciences and test preparation. With flexible appointment scheduling seven days per week we can help you create and carry out an individualized educational experience that works for you.

Why choose us?

Our advertising and marketing was done by a former student while he completed a business degree. Our original website was designed by a former student during his computer science co-op work term, and was later revamped by another former student, and now once more again by a student who is currently getting their GED. You won’t see any downloaded web page templates or stock photos here.

We’re very proud of the fact that our students themselves choose to be here and to be involved with us. While they are here for tutoring, they are part of the family. We not only help them develop academically, we help them grow to be thoughtful, responsible, capable young adults. How else could we entrust important aspects of our business to them? And they are happy to work and volunteer for us because of the genuine kindness and respect they are always shown here. Quite simply put, our students stick around even long after their tutoring is done.

Our tutors love it here, too. Many tutors have left jobs at other tutoring companies in order to work here because of the work environment we provide for them. Happy tutors come into work relaxed, energized and ready to give the student their full attention.

We have qualified Staff:

Our Director has over 25 years of tutoring experience and 10 years of teaching experience.

She chooses and trains our small, exclusive staff of tutors. We invite you to compare our employment requirements to those you’ll find at other companies. If you want to know the real qualifications of a company’s tutors check their employment ads. “Less than one year of experience”, “Experience preferred but not necessary” or just plain added fluff will tell you the real story.

Our teaching style is flexible:

Our tutors know math. That’s a given. But, they also know that math programs differ from school to school. Some schools use complicated graphing calculators early on, while others delay calculator use until the senior grades. Some schools are very picky about showing your work, proper notation, and doing things their way only. Our tutors adapt their teaching to suit the style of the teacher and we prepare students for success in their own classrooms. If the student is allowed to use calculators we will help them use the calculator in the most efficient way possible. If they must do calculations by hand then we will give tips and tricks for fast, accurate computations. We can do this because our experienced tutors know several ways of teaching each topic and we can easily cater to specific needs.

We understand tutoring and teaching:

Tutoring is very different from classroom teaching and requires a different set of skills. Tutors are focused on only one student at a time and they must be very good at working one-on-one with students. While classroom lessons can be planned ahead of time, tutors must know how to create a lesson “on the spot” as they identify the strengths and weaknesses of their student. A tutor must be skilled in “reading” the student, and knowing when “I understand” doesn’t really mean “I understand.” No student wants or needs to be taught something he already understands and no student can learn harder material when he hasn’t really understood the earlier work. A professional tutor must be able to judge when it’s time to move on so that the student is neither bored nor lost.

Tutors are a valuable resource:

If you think that the only question students ask their tutors is “How do I do this question?” you’re wrong. Many tutors can show a student how to do a math problem, but can they tell you which questions are typical test questions? Can they tell you which homework questions students typically have trouble with? Can they help you spot the common “trick questions” from your text book? Do they have other textbooks from other schools on hand to give you extra practice? Can they advise you on the variety of math courses and help you find the most appropriate one? Can they tell you which courses universities want for different programs? Mostly Math is not only a math centre, it’s a guidance and resource centre. We know math, but we also know school. We know the current textbooks and curriculum. We know how math teachers think. We know which questions they like to put on tests. We give you the extra advantage. We provide the education that you want.

Mostly Math tutors follow The INSPIRE Model of Tutoring Excellence (Lepper, Drake, and O’Donnell, 1998).