Testimonial from A.S.

Hi Sarah, I was thinking of you a lot these past few months, as the boys started university this fall… and are both taking maths. Thought you might like to know that they both got accepted to the schools and programs of their choice. S. is at UTM, in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. He’s […]

Testimonial from N.E.

Sarah and Mostly-Math were extremely helpful with my University Discrete Mathematics course. I struggled greatly with the assigned text and my course tutor offered no useful assistance in comprehending the material. Sarah was not only able to break down the material and frame it differently for my comprehension but also recommended supplemental texts which were […]

Testimonial from a Future Fireman

Hi, just wanna say thank you for your help with the maths questions. I did pass the test with a 87% mark, and I did get into the Firefighter program…It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you once again.

Testimonial from a Homeschooling Parent

This is just a note to tell you how wonderful your e-mail was! I instantly felt better about my choice of home-schooling my son when I read it. Thank you.

Testimonial from an I.B. Parent

I’m not supposed to tell you because she keeps promising to email you but she passed her IB math exam with flying colours ! Remember how she was at 42% in April and ready to give up? She did so well on her IB exam they bumped her OUAC mark from 60% (which was only […]

Testimonial from a Happy Parent

Just wanted to let you know that he thinks highly of you. The other day I asked him how he was getting along, he said you were better than his professor!

Testimonial from an Inquiring Parent

Thank you SO MUCH Sarah, for such a wonderful long and detailed response! I’m printing it off to study at greater leisure so that I can take it point by point.

Testimonial from High School Student looking into University Programs

I took my daughter to Mostly Math last year for some help with her grade 10 Academic Math homework. She had been struggling and found it difficult to understand the process while attending her regular on-line math class and found the extra help from the system didn’t address her issues adequately either. After only two […]