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To schedule an assessment call with Sarah or to learn about how Mostly Math can help you, please complete the form below.

To ensure that someone will be available to meet with you, please call ahead or email to schedule an appointment even if you just want to speak to someone and get some general information. Regrettably, we will not always be available to see drop-in visitors as we are usually with students, so please allow us to plan for your visit!


For general tutoring inquiries, employment opportunities or to schedule appointments through a receptionist, please send an email to our reception team and one of our receptionists will serve you.

Mostly Math
1 Elynhill Dr
North York, ON M2R 1C5
(West from Mel Lastman Square)

We are open for tutoring appointments seven days per week.

Please note that our office hours are not the same as our tutoring hours. Mostly Math is open on an appointment basis. If you reach our answering machine when you call, you can expect your call to be returned within 24 hours (although usually much more quickly!) Please do leave a detailed voicemail or email message, and we will do our best to reach you as soon as possible. Note: email messages are automatically forwarded to the home email accounts of each receptionist, who will usually do their best to reply as possible even from home, so we encourage you to send an email so that the first available receptionist can help you, even just checking their email from home!