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Does Math Tutoring Work?

The math curriculum in high schools is rigid and often fails to align with students’ varied learning styles. While existing testing methods in education, public schools, and private institutions seem to prove that many students aren’t cut out for studying math, the truth is that education is falling behind, just as your child might be. Despite exciting revelations about educational possibilities, much work must be done before curriculums empower all students’ learning styles and abilities. 


Tutoring has increasingly become a popular way to fill the success gap present in most classrooms. However, hiring a math tutor can be expensive and difficult for many, which is understandable, especially when your child is attending public school. It seems unfair that there would be an extra cost for education beyond the tax, which we all work very hard to pay. 


It is crucial to remind your children that they can ask their teachers and guidance counsellors to match them up with peer tutors. These programs can be great for some students, mainly because the tutors are more familiar with their specific institution’s teachers and testing methods. If peer tutoring isn’t offered or it isn’t a good fit, and you are asking yourself, “is hiring a math tutor worth it” or “What can a math tutor do for my childs’ education” read on for some answers!

Is hiring a math tutor worth it? 

The short answer is yes! Below, there are some of the benefits of getting personalized math tutoring for the learner:

  • Fewer distractions, better focus. Unfortunately, teachers cannot focus on every child due to the increasing number of students. A classroom with 25 or 30 students is difficult to control. Hence, hiring a math tutor for your child provides a one-on-one education. Your child will become more focused and less prone to distractions as a result. 

  • Work in Problem Areas. With the help of the math tutor, your child can centre his efforts on overcoming problem areas in math.  

  • Going the Extra Mile. If your child is already good at math, working with a tutor will give them the opportunity to develop their full potential. Guided by the hand of a knowledgeable expert tutor, your child can find the motivation and support to exceed expectations.

  • Enthusiasm is contagious. Matching your children with a tutor who is passionate about math can set an example to follow. A good tutor will awaken an interest in math.

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem. Working together with a math tutor will give your child confidence about studying and succeeding at math. When children feel more confident, there is more room for the creative thought process. Children learn to process information more efficiently.  

  • Questions resolution. By having a math tutor, your child will be able to ask questions about the subject. For many students, it is hard to ask questions in front of the classroom. Unresolved questions can leave gaps in the subject and stop them from fully developing their math skills.

  • Homework help. Many times you have to find a balance between work and parenthood. However, sometimes your time and knowledge about your child’s math subject may be limited. Therefore, having a knowledgeable tutor that can help your children with their homework is a great option. You can rest assured that your child will have the best possible help with their math assignments, and you can have some free time to spend quality time with your loved ones.


The covid-19 pandemic temporarily brought in-person classes to a halt. Institutions scrambled to become accessible remotely and they were forced to reevaluate their methods. Nowadays, remote education relies heavily on digital teaching tools, such as online multiple-choice evaluations, asynchronous lessons, and recording classes and lectures. This way, educational videos can be played when it is most convenient to a student, or depending on the time of day they feel they can be fully engaged. Due to these changes, many students discovered how personal learning styles can affect their ability to understand concepts. It’s no longer a matter of whether a student fits the math curriculum. It’s about how and if the teaching styles can be effective for them. 

Online Math Tutoring

Today, online tutoring has become more popular than ever, thanks to technological advancements such as the Internet, high-resolution webcams, laptops, and smartphones. Furthermore, technology is increasingly being used by the younger generation, making online learning easier for them. Therefore online math tutoring is a versatile, effective resource that can help a learner to succeed. However, it is essential for you to evaluate the pros and cons of online math tutoring.

Pros of Online Math Tutoring 

The same benefits of in-person tutoring apply to online math tutoring. It is possible to enhance the experience beyond expectations with the help of a skilled online math tutor. Some of the benefits of online math tutoring are:

  • Optimal Solution in the Current Situation. Given the present circumstances, having your child be tutored in math at home is certainly convenient. Your child will be able to advance in his/her education without travelling. 

  • It is Affordable. There is no surprise to any parent that in-person tutoring is expensive, in particular if you hire a knowledgeable tutor in high demand. In comparison, the cost of online math tutoring may be lower than in-person tutoring. Some of the cost cut is due to the fact that no travelling is involved. 

  • Easier to Take Notes. When students engage in online tutoring, they can take notes easily. Students can either write notes down while in class or ask the tutor to email the materials for later reference.

  • Tailor Math Program. Even in excellent schools, the curriculum may not be challenging enough for all students. Thus parents can look for support in online math tutoring. A personalized math program can meet the unique needs of your child, this way helping them to reach their full academic potential. 

  • Flexible Timing. In online math tutoring, students can schedule their learning times when it is more convenient. They can quickly reschedule classes as well as having more than one session in a subject that requires more attention.

Cons of Online Math Tutoring

As with any other learning method, online math tutoring can have its drawbacks, such as:

  • Frauds can happen. As a parent looking for an online math tutor, you must know that unscrupulous organizations offer online classes. You must make sure that the institution has a good reputation before hiring a tutor.

  • Dedication is required. For online math tutoring to be effective, the student has to apply commitment and focus to be able to make the most out of each lesson. Discipline is an essential skill remote students should cultivate.

  • Quality matters. An online math tutor must possess the necessary skills to communicate the concepts and keep the student’s attention. As math differs from other subjects, the teaching has to be tailored to make the best of it. A teacher dedicated to online math tutoring must be efficient to help the students to thrive.

  • Technical difficulties. Online learning depends on technological resources, and these can fail from time to time. From issues with devices such as phones, laptops, or desktops to problems with your internet connection. However these problems are easily fixable, but they can create frustration when they happen.