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Welcome to Mostly Math’s FAQ page, your go-to resource for answers to common questions and valuable insights into our tutoring services. Here, we’ve compiled a treasure trove of answers to address your burning questions. Have a question? You’re likely to find the answer right here – dive in and discover the information you need!

Yes. Our preference is always in person tutoring but we recognize that sometimes is just not possible (during a worldwide pandemic for example). If you are unable to physically get to us then we are more than happy to assist online. Our platform of preference is Zoom, which gives us access to a whiteboard as well as video chat and file sharing, but we are flexible if you prefer a different platform. Online sessions can be booked either by phone, email, or through our online scheduling system – just be sure to choose the “online” option when booking.

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1 Elynhill Drive. A 20 minute walk west of Mel Lastman Square, in North York, Toronto.

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Yes. We have free parking at the door. We are a short walk west from North York Centre Station, or an 8 minute bus ride taking the 98 Willowdale/Senlac (Westbound) bus at Sheppard-Yonge Station. The bus stops 1 minute away from our location!

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Our centre is open on an appointment basis. We schedule appointments 7 days per week, between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. We are very flexible with our scheduling and are happy to work with you on a regular or an as-needed basis, however often you may need us. If you simply wish to meet with us for more information, please arrange an appointment before dropping by. We offer a free half-hour initial interview.

We are not a drop-in centre and cannot accept walk-in students or parents. 

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No. All of our tutoring takes place either online or at our centre where we have plenty of space and resources for professional one-on-one tutoring.

Our preference for in centre tutoring comes from our experience that coming into a dedicated learning environment flips the switch that tells a student it is now time to learn. We find students are more focused in an academic environment.

Our second reason is the amount of resources available in centre will not fit in the trunk of a car. Having access to various textbooks and other study aids provides a much greater breadth of practice material that can be easily copied as needed.

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Any person who knows math can perhaps teach you math, but a tutor who knows the Ontario school curriculum, how it’s taught, and what teachers’ expectations are, can equip you to be successful in math class. There is a difference between the two.

One of the main differences is the tutor’s knowledge of what goes on in schools. Here at Mostly Math, for example, any tutor could create a unit test off the top of their head because we all know the typical questions that teachers put on tests. We also know the exact questions that students have the most trouble with in each unit, and so we know where you’re going to be confused before you do! That means, we can prepare you accordingly.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, unless you’re a professional tutor with firsthand experience with dozens of schools, you don’t know how one math class can differ from another. As a student, you might not know if your school is considered hard or easy, but our tutors do. Ever been to a tutor that seemed to go way over your head? Or, your tutor couldn’t answer some of your more challenging questions? You may have thought you had a bad tutor. Maybe, or maybe you just had a tutor who didn’t know what YOU needed to know. So, he went off talking about things that didn’t matter. Or, they got confused because that’s not the way he did it when they learned it in school.

We know how to prepare you for YOUR class because we have worked with dozens of schools and we know the different methods and expectations that are out there. Even if we didn’t learn it that way, we can teach it that way. A university student tutoring for a little pocket cash may be an inexpensive option, but they are usually relying on their own memory from when they were in high school. Often, these students were always good at math and never struggled themselves. So they may know their math very well, but they may not be able to put themselves in the position of someone who is having trouble with the material.

A university student simply does not have the same resources as our professional tutors. Our tutors have access to several sample test, quizzes, review sheets, and study guides that we have collected and prepared over the years. We also prepare custom packages for our students (yes, we make them up by hand, on the spot or between sessions) to give you extra notes, practice questions and solved problems. Professional tutors do this because it’s their job. University students are usually so busy with their own classes and studying that there’s no time to provide all the extras that we do.

Lastly, nothing beats the care and attention of a professional tutor! A university student must always put his own schooling ahead of yours. He has projects, assignments, tests and exams, too. We don’t. We won’t cancel a session because we have to study. We won’t reschedule because we have a project due. A university student’s future depends on his marks. Our future depends on how well we serve you.

We specialize in Grades 1 – 12 and University, but we also work with adult students going back to school or studying for the GED, GRE or GMAT.

No, we do *mostly* math, but that doesn’t mean only math! We specialize in Mathematics, but our tutors have other special subject areas as well including all the sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) and standardized test prep (SAT & ACT). We can also provide help with study skills, organizational skills and essay writing. Please ask about specific courses when you contact us

Grades 2 through 12 math and science including Data Management, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors

High school and university Physics, Biology, Statistics, Chemistry (yes, even Organic)

See our page: High School Students

University and College math including, but not limited to: Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Business Math

English, French and Social Science courses.

See our page: University and College Students

Yes. If you are in a business program and are taking a general math, calculus or statistics requirement, then almost any of our math tutors can help. At this time, we do not provide tutors for specific computer application packages.

See our page: Grad School Admission.

Yes, (both math and reading/writing) for
SSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, PCAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GED, as well as many professional/job-related tests.

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We are professional tutors, and we know the profession, tips and tricks inside and out. And, we pass on that knowledge to our students.

Our tutors usually have at least one university degree, and may have advanced or professional degrees. Most importantly, our tutors are knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and communicative. You don’t need a nuclear physicist to teach you grade 9 math. You need someone who makes a student feel comfortable, cared about, respected and confident.

We distinguish ourselves based on the quality, knowledge and experience of our staff. We are an individual-oriented centre that personalizes all of our services, and we have excellent references.

Most franchises use a standard proprietary curriculum which is often nothing like what you’re learning in school! I’ve called many places myself asking whether they just help with regular homework, and most do not. They would rather sell you their system.

The truth is, the best way to help in school, raise marks and improve confidence is to focus on current school work. A great many of the parents who call us state that their child’s biggest problem is really a lack of confidence. The actual math troubles comes second. We also know this to be absolutely true — students must first think they can before they can!

It makes no sense to have a grade 10 student go back to basics when he or she is still going to feel totally lost and confused when faced with the advanced material in class. We know from our years of experience working individually with students that the very first thing a tutor must do is explain TODAY’s (or yesterday’s) material in such a way that the student gets the concept. You should see the big smiles on the faces of our students when they walk out of their first lesson with us. And, since it’s not cool for teens to smile like that over math, you know it’s a big deal.

At Mostly Math, you’ll come in, see a math tutor, get help, and feel better. You won’t feel any pressure to come back — you’ll want to!

We simply don’t have the manpower to help everyone who comes looking for tutoring! Unlike other centres who simply find another body to handle your request, our Director is very picky about hiring new staff. The demand for tutors doesn’t always coincide with the supply of quality tutors.

If we don’t have someone on staff who is available to help you in your particular situation, our Director will use her contacts to help you find someone. She’s just that nice!

But seriously, we are not threatened by any form of competition for services. We have the most sought-after tutor in the GTA and are the exclusive tutor of several institutions. But, our Director can’t tutor everyone, and so she has developed a small staff whom she considers to be up to her standards and shares her knowledge, experience and resources. But, their schedules fill up quickly too, so if we can’t help you, then it’s because we’re so popular! We do want you to get the help you need and we want to help you find the best solution for you.

Poor tutoring and tutoring companies disrespect the entire community of tutors, and we’d rather help you find your way to a reputable tutor than have you help keep a bad tutor in business. It’s to all tutors’ advantage that we weed out the worst part of our industry and support the really good people out there.

Let us help you find and keep the right people in business!

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