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(Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate)

Tutoring to prepare for the GED, ensuring comprehensive support and success in obtaining high school equivalency.

In Ontario, individuals who did not complete high school have the option to obtain their General Educational Development (GED) credential. The GED test is designed to assess the academic skills and knowledge equivalent to those of a high school graduate. Most jobs and post-secondary education require you to have high school education or higher. If you don’t have that, than this is where a GED comes in handy.

Mostly Math offers expert and flexible tutoring services for students preparing for their GED test. If you need assistance with the entire exam or specific subject areas, our dedicated tutors are here to guide you.

For additional information about GED testing in Ontario, we recommend visiting the Independent Learning Centre’s website to get started with the process.

Ontario’s Independent Learning Centre (ILC) is the perfect solution for those looking to participate in distance education, independent study programs, or getting a GED. It is operated entirely by the Ontario Ministry of Education and offers a range of courses suitable for every learner, from high schoolers to adults.

Key Takeaway Points for the GED:

  1. Test Content: The GED exam is composed of four fundamental subjects: Science, Social Studies, Reasoning Through Language Arts, and Mathematical Reasoning.

  2. Format: The GED test is composed of short response questions and multiple-choice questions. There’s are essay parts and all of it is done through the computer, not written by pen.

  3. Eligibility: It is important to note that eligibility requirements must be met. Requirements can vary and relate to factors such as the test-taker’s age and educational background. Typically you have to be over 18. To confirm the most recent eligibility criteria, individuals are advised to consult with the Independent Learning Centre (ILC).

  4. Registration: You need to register for the GED test through the Independent Learning Centre. Registration details, fees, and scheduling information can be obtained from them.

  5. Preparation: The ILC may offer resources and preparation materials for individuals planning to take the GED test. It is advisable to prepare for the test, and available study guides or courses can be utilized.
    This is where Mostly Math will help you out.

  6. Scoring: The GED test demands that you achieve a minimum score in all subjects, with your performance graded on a scale. It’s scored on a scale from 100 to 200. A candidate usually needs a score of 145 or higher for each subject. The minimum passing score on all four subjects is 580.
    Mostly Math help you gain a score higher than that.

  7. Official Recognition: Successfully completing the GED is a noteworthy accomplishment, as it offers recognition from educational institutions and employers alike. The credential is frequently regarded as a valid equivalent of a high school diploma.

Please note that details about the GED test may evolve, so checking the Independent Learning Centre’s website or contacting them is crucial for the most up-to-date information!

For studying, we recommend this book:

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