Mostly Math

Our History

Years of tutoring excellence and a commitment to student success have shaped our enduring legacy.

Mostly Math was founded in 2002 out of a desire to solve the problems that students face in school and in their learning. We knew that many struggling students just needed a little bit of personal attention and guidance to take their education to new heights. 

From our years of tutoring, teaching, and counseling experience, we saw that just one hour with a caring professional could often:  

We founded Mostly Math instead of a private school because most students just need a small amount of intervention to become successful in their own school setting. Mostly Math was founded as a tutoring centre rather than an in-home service because most in-home tutoring is simply not as effective as tutoring that occurs in a place dedicated to learning.

In 2007, Mostly Math changed ownership and has since been operated by Sarah Bartram. With her ten years of experience working as a teacher and over 30 years of tutoring experience, Sarah has continued to run Mostly Math under the same vision and principles of its founders. Her love of math and dedication to her students has made her the most sought after tutor at Mostly Math.

Since day one, Mostly Math has been well-stocked with a variety of teaching aids and resources, worksheets, sample tests, quizzes, notes and lessons. Students at Mostly Math have access to literally thousands of pages of resources (with ever more accumulating to keep up with curriculum changes), and staples like printing, photocopying, and wireless internet.

Most importantly, Mostly Math has always been a supportive community!

Tutors can learn from and assist each other, providing a valuable professional development resource that many other tutors simply do not have. Staff training, daily interaction, meetings, and get-togethers give our tutors ample opportunities to discuss their professional problems and seek guidance from within our group of talented individuals.

Just as it was our experience that the classroom teacher was the most important factor in a student’s school experience, so too is the experience and talent of the tutor the single-most important factor in the quality of the tutoring experience.

At a collegial centre like Mostly Math, tutors are given every opportunity to improve their craft. The work environment is so pleasing to tutors that several of our tutors have actually left other jobs in order to work here.

Mostly Math today remains true to its original mandate: We provide an ideal work environment for professional tutors as well as a superior range of effective options and services for students.