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Tutoring providing extra help and homework assistance to support students in mastering their academic challenges.

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Our goal is to get students caught up as quickly as possible and then keep them a step or two ahead of the class. When students receive pre-instruction in areas not yet covered by the teacher, “new” school lessons become review sessions for the student. Many students find that when they see a private tutor for one subject, their general study skills improve in other subjects too. When you become a better math student, you become a better student.

Typically, there is no additional homework assigned and checked, although additional resources may be used to provide extra practice for the students upon request.

Enrichment Tutoring

The Ministry of Education has a Full Disclosure policy in effect which requires that all attempts at completing a senior level course show up on a student’s official transcript. As a result, some universities have policies which put students who repeat courses at a disadvantage. This is one reason why many students are looking to learn  course material in a non-credit environment, where they can learn at their own pace without worrying about the consequences of not “getting it right the first time.”

Many parents and students worry that math skills, in particular, will become rusty after a semester (and a summer) away from practice. These sessions can help to review and perfect material that was already learned, and can reach ahead to prepare for the next course.

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