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Tutoring for Mature Students

Tailored tutoring for mature students seeking academic support and skill enhancement.

This section is intended for people, perhaps later in their lives or careers, who are returning to the educational world for some special purpose: GMAT, GRE, university/college courses, professional skills upgrading.

Our tutors provide one-on-one academic assistance to a diverse range of students, including you, who don’t really fit nicely into an established category.

At Mostly Math, we prepare students for university. We know mathematics, calculus and statistics courses at local post-secondary institutions, including the dreaded first year calculus course MAT135Y at the University of Toronto. We also provide essay research, writing and editing help at an advanced level appropriate for all your undergraduate courses. Our tutors have a variety of academic specializations and talents, so please contact us about your particular course, and you just might find that we have a resident expert in your field. 

Looking for test preparation? Some students find that they still need a private tutor in addition to a prep course. It’s been my experience that prep courses teach you “test taking tricks”, but they assume that you already know (and still remember) most of the actual math and English skills on the test. It is certainly helpful to learn the “test tricks,” but they alone won’t help you through the test. Perhaps you’ve ventured back to school after some time off and find that you need a little extra support to access skills that are locked away in your memory banks. We can help you here, too, by giving you a comfortable, supportive, encouraging environment to ease your way back into the world of textbooks, reading, essays and exams.

Ready to schedule your tutor session with us? Explore our online scheduler to book a time with your tutor based on their availability just starting at $35! Additionally, you can utilize the links below to review availabilities without committing to an appointment. We have flexible rates for anyone in need, please contact us to request accommodation.

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