Mostly Math

Tutoring for Athletes & Performers

Solutions for Students with Demanding Training/Professional Schedules

We are the only North York learning centre designed with non-traditional students in mind. In fact, Mostly Math was created as an open resource centre for families and students to use according to their individualized needs. Our Director offers families the benefit of her years of experience in the field of education as a tutor and as a teacher. Elite athletes and busy performers choose Mostly Math because of our commitment to flexible learning options. We are happy to work around your specific needs and schedule. Many athletes and performers choose independent learning or home schooling over traditional schooling, and require tutors who can work with a curriculum and learning schedule specifically for them. Our centre is perfectly equipped to handle these requests. 

On our website you will find links to many education alternatives. We pride ourselves on being a good educational resource for your family. We have tutoring, SAT prep, and access to educational consulting and counseling all in one convenient North York location. We are happy to discuss your personal situation, help you identify your needs, explore your options, and provide the instruction you need.