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Tutoring Information for Parents

Is your child struggling in school?

Why send him somewhere that will just put him to work on an entirely different curriculum and double his homework? Our tutors understand that if students need help with school, they benefit most from focusing on their own class material. We not only re-teach lessons so that the student understands, we also show him how to perform to the teacher’s individual expectations. After all, it is the teacher who assigns the marks. Ask your child if he or she has ever lost marks on a test because of the way his work was written, even when he got the right answer. We teach our students how to avoid these mistakes and keep those marks. After working with Mostly Math tutors, our students feel better about their studies, are more confident in class, are better able to manage their workloads and learn the skills to succeed in school.

We are also aware that there is a world after high school that may include university or college. Mostly Math offers students personal guidance through the entire university or college preparation, selection and application process. Our students feel confident, because they are informed and prepared. But, our support doesn’t stop there. Mostly Math students can continue to receive guidance, tutoring and essay help throughout their post secondary education experience. 

Do you want something different?

Your kids are doing fine in school, but something is missing. Even if you don’t know what that something is, contact us and we’ll be glad to give you some ideas or help you evaluate options. Often, it’s the students who are doing just fine who are overlooked in school. Average and high-achieving students see their struggling peers get special accommodations and programs, but what about their own academic needs? Mostly Math helps students prepare for extra-curricular math contests, pursue special interests in-depth, or accelerate their school studies through independent study options. We also provide support for popular alternative high school options.

Call or email us to chat about your personal situation and we’ll find options that work for you. 

   Mostly Math offers: 

Tutoring Information for Teachers

Our job is to make your job easier.

These days many of your students have tutors. I’ve been a teacher myself — it’s not always easy to deal with students who: 

At Mostly Math you can be sure that your students learn what you want them to learn. Our tutors take their cues from a student’s notes, assignments and tests, and our main goal is to maintain consistency between our sessions and your classes. Some math classes, for example, use graphing calculators regularly, while others discourage calculators entirely.

In my almost twenty years of tutoring, I’ve learned that the best way to ensure success in the classroom is to pay particular attention to the expectations laid out by the individual teacher — and I’ve spent years developing techniques for quickly assessing different teachers’ different expectations.

We help your students succeed in your classroom, and show them how to meet your standards. Our tutors don’t undo your work, and you don’t have to undo theirs. We realize that we’re all in this together.

We also understand the importance of teaching skills to students rather than doing homework for students! We can provide valuable essay writing assistance, but we don’t do any more than you, as a teacher, would do. When your students get their extra help from Mostly Math, you can be sure that essays aren’t taken off the internet, or written by a university student. We can also provide you with session reports, so that you can more closely monitor the work of your individual students, and we’re always happy to speak to you personally or communicate through faxes and email. 

We emphasize the importance of regular, consistent work done independently. Too many students think that simply “having a tutor” is enough. We support our students, but we are not there to be a crutch. We stress the need to practice at home, both before coming to tutoring (so that the student knows where his weaknesses are), and also after tutoring (to solidify the work done in the session).

If you are interested in working with us to help your student succeed in your class, simply call or email us. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to make the student’s experience — and yours — the best it could be.

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