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Embark on an epic learning adventure this summer at Mostly Math – where our lessons are as cool as ice cream cones! 🌞

All of our superior tutoring services for homework help, enrichment and supplementary tutoring are available all through the summer.

We offer:

Summer School Students

All of our regular tutoring services are available for summer school students. You can book sessions after school, in the evenings, or on weekends.

High School Prep

Get a Head Start at Earning the Marks You Need (Without Messing Up Your Transcript )
Our high school prep courses are perfect for students who want to get a head start on their upcoming courses. The Ministry of Education has a Full Disclosure Policy which requires that all attempts at completing a senior level credit course show up on a student’s official transcript. This policy means that if you take a high school course twice, both grades will show up on your transcript. If you come to Mostly Math, we can prepare you to get the grade you need the first time you take the course.

If you are just entering high school, we can help you be ready for Grade 9. We can fill in any gaps in your elementary school education, or review any material you are unsure of. We can review material from previous years with you, in the amount of detail you need, to make sure that you are fully prepared for the year ahead. 

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AP and IB Students

We can prepare you for AP and IB classes. We can also help you with IB summer material. 

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University Preparation

With the changing high school curriculum, less and less university level math is now covered in high school. Many students choose to come to Mostly Math the summer before entering university to ensure that they have a solid foundation for the first year math courses required of science, engineering and business students.

University is a big change from high school.

    University lectures are often fast-paced. Unlike in high school, there is often no opportunity to ask questions. You are expected to be an independent learner. We can help you prepare for this abrupt transition. We can help you by:

  • Giving you advice on how to survive your first year and be successful. We understand the fear you have and the pressure you are under.
  • Teaching you the tricks to reading a math textbook.
  • Giving you a head start to your university education. We can teach you the course material that’s covered by YOUR university.
  • Knowing the material beforehand will make it easier to understand the lectures.

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Summer is the perfect time to devote to prepping for the fall SATs and private school entrance tests.

At Mostly Math, we offer all test prep on a one-to-one basis because:

  • In a one-to-one class, every hour is tailored to your needs and learning style
  • You need tutoring that moves at your pace, not the pace of other students
  • You learn best by doing practice tests and homework, not by listening to a lecture

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Ready to schedule your tutor session with us? Explore our online scheduler to book a time with your tutor based on their availability just starting at $35! Additionally, you can utilize the links below to review availabilities without committing to an appointment. We have flexible rates for anyone in need, please contact us to request accommodation.

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