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Scheduling & Rates

All of our tutoring services are now online.

Scheduling and Rates

Current parents/students:

please click here.
(this will open in a new window) You will be able to schedule appointments with your tutor according to their availability. You can also use this link to browse availabilities and rates without making an appointment.

If you haven’t attended a lesson with us before, you may still choose to use this scheduler to make appointments on the “honour system” — in other words, we trust that even though we don’t know you, you will show up for your appointment. You must enter both a valid telephone number and email address to proceed with scheduling, and you may be contacted before your appointment to confirm. If you prefer, you may call or email to arrange your first appointment. This way, we can match you with an appropriate tutor and plan for your visit.


After scheduling a tutoring session online through the Mostly Math appointment system, you will receive two automatic confirmation emails: one at the moment you schedule and a second email the day before your lesson to confirm your appointment. Both emails will contain a link back to the scheduler in the event that you have to cancel or reschedule. Do not reply to the email as that is an unmonitored email address. Please use the link provided in the email to make any changes to your appointments. If you do not receive a confirmation email the day before your appointment, then please call Mostly Math because your appointment is not in our system.

Please be advised that occasionally appointments scheduled through this system are tentative and are subject to the approval of Mostly Math. In the event that a tutoring appointment scheduled online may need to be rescheduled, you will be contacted by one of our receptionists either by phone or by email. Users found to be abusing this system, or who schedule but do not show up for appointments may have their appointments automatically deleted at the discretion of Mostly Math. If you are in any doubt as to the status of your appointment, you can follow the link in your original email or return to the online schedule to “review” your upcoming appointments. Or, you can simply call us at 416-502-1717 to confirm your appointment.