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High School Admission, Exams, and Tests

Excel in high school admission, exams, and tests with the outstanding support of our expert tutoring.

Let Mostly Math help you prepare for private school entrance exams. Our tutors have helped students gain admission to UTS (University of Toronto Schools) and other private schools using school admission tests or the SSAT.

Ontario High School Curriculum Tests

Our instructors are familiar with and have access to the complete Ontario curriculum. Although regular study habits are the surest route to good test scores, several students have found that even one session with a Mostly Math tutor just before a test is extremely helpful.

We welcome students who find themselves in a “last minute crunch.” Don’t be embarrassed about waiting so long to get help — it’s our job to help your confidence and skills, and most students notice an improvement with their very first test. 

Ready to schedule your tutor session with us? Explore our online scheduler to book a time with your tutor based on their availability just starting at $35! Additionally, you can utilize the links below to review availabilities without committing to an appointment. We have flexible rates for anyone in need, please contact us to request accommodation.

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